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Resin 3.1.8 Release Notes - Nov 17, 2008
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(2008-11-17) thread: thread pool load smoothing (rep by Martin Thompson)
jni: missing nativeTruncate (#2993, #3024, rep by Richard Grantham, Juan Andrade)
boot: watchdog kill NPE (#3009, rep by stbu)
memory: removed potential ThreadLocal leak with SecurityContext (#3031, rep by Mattias Jiderhamn)
rewrite-dispatch: dispatch with target (#2774, rep by Leonid Geller)
web-app: add expand-fileset-cleanup to <web-app> (#3001, rep by Bill Au)
jni: keepalive select issue with premature close (#2962, rep by Martin Thompson)
mod_caucho: potential DOS issue with mod_caucho and virtual hosts (#2950, rep by Pieter Schoenmakers)
file: remove cache timeout in FileServlet for coherency, since the performance is handled by the proxy cache (rep by Vinod Mehra)
jsp: tag fragment with tag variable compilation failure (#2904, rep by Herve Prisciandaro)
jsp: taglib prefix was stored across jsp/tag files (#2936, rep by jlawrie)
jms: jdbc/transaction session not properly setting expires time (#2939, rep by Vinay Reddy)
jni: resin.def improperly defined getFdMax (fixed by wesley)
comet: remove Thread.sleep(10) in Port for long polling
comet: avoid skip() at end of request for a comet call so input can be buffered (#2870, rep by David Peterson)
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