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Resin 4.0.53 Release Notes 2017-06-21
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  • install: issue with symlink and existing directory (#5951, rep by A. Hilliard)

  • webapp: sync issues with starting (#5979, rep by Mathias Lagerwall)

  • php: preload was switched to load (#6059, rep by kpokrovsky)

  • jsp: multiple free of BodyContext (#6061)

  • jsp: .smap issues with invokedynamic constant pool (#6060, rep by mnsh)

  • mod_caucho: updates to jsessionid stripping (#6057, rep by Shinomiya Nobuaki)

  • health: added resin.properties configure to disable health checks and logging (#6055)

  • rewrite: NPE when web-app stopped and rewrite rules used (#6048, rep by stbu)
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