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Resin 4.0.55 Release Notes 2017-12-07
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  • config: simplified resin.xml and resin.properties to remove unused capabilities

  • win32: error messages related to permissions for win32 services (#6092)

  • LogService: configuration in health.xml with health_log_level (#6110)

  • jmx: MemoryUsage from MBeanServer returning unexpected type (#6106)

  • start: removed automatic setting of endorsed directory for Java 9 (#6107)

  • quercus: issues with not-reloading compiled .php pages (#6091)

  • webapp: web-app shutdown-wait-max needs to default to server-default value (#6096)

  • servlet: programmatic login with form-login (#6104, rep by nono)

  • http: HTTP read issue when TCP packet in URL (#6093, rep by zhaown)

  • db-pool: recover from non-matching PoolItem (#6099)

  • webapp: allow expand-preserve-fileset in web-app (#6102, rep by mnsh)

  • file: encoding of directory names (#6100, rep by stbu)

  • ssl: allow empty password for openssl (rep by Steffen Busch, #6103)

  • cli: "console" and "gui" were exiting immediately (rep by Naoki, #6101)
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