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Resin 4.0.57 Release Notes 2018-07-10
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  • rewrite: added IfProtocolVersion (#6162, rep by stbu)

  • session: added cookie-same-site config for JSESSIONID cookies (#6140)

  • security: critical security issue related to URL normalization and servlet mapping (#6164)

  • resin-admin: clarify that dynamic servers cannot contact other dynamic servers directly (#612

  • web-app: possible deadlock/delay in startup (#6159, rep by drsskelkar)

  • elastic: missing synchronization on cloud update (#6152)

  • dependency: dependency-check of 0 forces synchronous check (#6116)

  • elastic: elastic server issues with dist-cache pod (#6157)

  • logging: default to LogManager.addLogger when EnvironmentLogger creation fails (#6121)

  • quercus: use alarm for timeouts instead of spawning new thread (#6156)

  • jdk10: removed -d64 from watchdog start

  • configure: change openssl test to ssl2.h (#6154, rep by gattu)
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