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Resin 4.0.58 Release Notes 2018-08-27
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  • servlet: AsyncContext timing issues due to back-compat (#616

  • servlet: add load-on-startup-allow-fail (#6171)

  • config: add openssl_protocol and openssl_cipher_suite to resin.properties (#6169)

  • quercus: exception wrapping when stack trace is missing or empty

  • network: change SocketLinkThreadLauncher to permanent (#6166, rep by samlmax)

  • servlet: immutability of getParameterValues (#6172, rep by waiwong)

  • classloading: scanning of module-info should be skipped (#6170)

  • security: invalid URL detection with filters

  • quercus: QuercusContext array extension using wrong variable

  • session: added cookie-same-site for version=0 (#6167, rep by stbu)
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